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With the extreme Texas weather and traffic taking it's toll on old asphalt pavement, it will eventually require some maintenance or repairs. Scott's asphalt paving contractors offer many types of asphalt maintenance, asphalt repairs , and seal coating in Austin , Tx.

Seal Coating

  Seal Coating is the most common form of asphalt maintenance. Asphalt driveways and parking lots should be seal coated regularly. Seal Coating will protect your asphalt from harmful UV rays , oxidation, moisture, and many types of oil or gas spills that may occur. Seal Coating will also beautify your asphalt pavement, making it look like new again .

The consequences of not using a quality seal coat on a newly ,paved asphalt driveway include fading, cracking , unraveling, and breaking.

Patching / Potholes Repaired

  Pot holes are caused by the expansion and contraction of water after it has entered into the ground under the asphalt pavement. They form due to the wear and tear from weather and the amount of traffic the pavement receives.

  Once a pot hole has formed ,the pot hole needs to be repaired as soon as possible. WHY ? Because pot holes will grow continuously , based on the weather and traffic conditions until they are repaired.

  When asphalt pavement is damaged or neglected it can be PATCHED. Austin , Texas is full of potholes that need patched . Scott's asphalt paving , repairs pot holes with hot mix asphalt. Once a pot hole is filled in with hot asphalt , it should be properly rolled and packed in , with an asphalt roller. This will assure a level and smooth driving surface with many years of service.

  Scott's asphalt paving, & maintenance specializes in repairing pot holes , in roads and parking lots. We offer very competitive pricing and in many cases with next day service.

Let us repair those potholes & worn out areas - properly and professionally , with lasting results. 

Hot Tar & Chip, or Chip Seal

When asphalt pavement is seriously depreciated, Hot Tar & Chip or Chip Seal can be installed over existing asphalt pavement. The tar is heated up ,right on the job site. Than a mat of hot tar is sprayed down to cover the entire area to be Chip Sealed . Next we sprinkle clean , washed rock into the hot tar. Finally ,it is roll packed in and finished .

This will add a protective treatment to the surface ,and extend the life of your asphalt driveway or ranch road.

Hot Tar & Chip can also be installed over road base that is properly prepared as an alternative to asphalt pavement. Most county roads and farm to market roads in the Texas country side are Hot Tar & Chip . Hot Tar & Chip is more affordable than hot mix asphalt , and is regularly installed on ranch roads and long driveways .This eliminates dust ,pot holes and mud.

Asphalt Recap

Like any thing else , asphalt does not last forever ! When an asphalt driveway is beyond seal coating , it can be RECAPPED with another layer of hot mix asphalt. This application will fill in all the cracks , potholes , and tire ruts that may have occurred over time . The finished product is a brand new ,smooth , hard surface to drive on. With years and years of dependable service. In most cases it is more economical to recap an old driveway than tearing it out. Find out today how affordable this can be .

Please visit the slide show on this website for more information.



Scott's asphalt paving and maintenance services the Austin, Texas area, and the Texas hill country. Repairing and resurfacing asphalt in the Austin Tx. area . 

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