Repairing an asphalt road , in  a  subdivision near Lakeway, Tx. Asphalt paving a subdivision road near Lakeway, Tx.Asphalt parking lot repair at Sherwin Williams in Marble Falls ,Tx.Asphalt patching for Sherwin Williams in Marble Falls ,Texas.

Scott's paving and maintenance sealcoating and striping at Lake Travis Fire and Rescue in Austin ,T.
Over time parking lots require some  maintenance. Seal coating and striping go a long way.
Lake Travis Fire and Rescue parkng lot before sealcoating and striping.This is before and after pictures of Lake Travis Fire and Resue.
Road base has been installed with a paving machine , then rolled packed in. A  fresh new driveway being cut out.
Asphalt paving and parking lot striping  in downtown Austin, Texas.New parking lot asphalt paving and maintenance   in Austin,Texas.
Hot tar and chip paved  sub division road in rural  Austin, Tx . Hot tar and chip paved road  in rural Austin , Tx.
The new  asphalt driveway  is smooth and  presents much needed curb appeal after being recapped with fresh hot mix asphalt.
Old ,wore out , and broken asphalt driveway before asphalt recap.
This is an asphalt driveway in the Austin hill country  after recapping it with hot asphalt.This Is the finished product . Notice how smooth all the seams are. Asphalt driveway fits flush with the garage.Patching holes  with hot asphalt is required before recapping old and broken driveways.Sealcoating  and striping will protect asphalt surfaces against the harsh Austin Texas weather.Airport roadway  seal coated with asphalt sealer.Scott's paving preparing the airport roadway for sealcoating and  striping.Scott's paving also fills cracks on old asphalt.Scott's paving a patch with hot mix asphalt for  Austin Energy.
Saw cutting a bad area in the parking lot.Now it is ready for patching. Austin Energy .